Shipping Containers – Why Does It Matter What They Weigh?

All States Containers shipping container weightPortable shipping containers or Conex boxes are found in industries around the globe. From the retail sector to construction, they are designed to transport a wide variety of cargo. Outside of transporting goods, they can facilitate equipment, store furniture, or even serve as temporary office space. The most crucial aspect of a shipping container is its weight. Knowing the shipping container weight is the first step to using it, whether the intention is to transport it or use it to serve as storage space that remains stationary. Whatever the case is, these logistics are critical.

Shipping Container Weight

The empty weight of a shipping container is referred to as tare weight. Payload weight is the tare weight subtracted from the gross weight. Here are the weights for some standard-sized shipping containers:

  • 10ft. container: tare weight – 2,645 lbs., payload weight – 19,753 lbs., gross weight – 22,398 lbs.
  • 20 ft. container: tare weight – 4,914 lbs., payload weight – 47,900 lbs., gross weight – 52,813 lbs.
  • 40 ft. container: tare weight – 8,159 lbs., payload weight – 59,039 lbs., gross weight – 67,199 lbs.
  • 40 ft. high cube container: tare weight – 8,747 lbs., payload weight – 58,448 lbs., gross weight – 67,196 lbs.

Weighing Shipping Containers

There are three methods to determine the weight of a shipping container:

  • Trailer Suspension Weighing System: This method uses a truck suspension system to determine the container’s load on the truck. This system is not the most accurate method available.
  • Weighbridge: This method uses a large scale to weigh vehicles and is a more accurate measurement system.
  • Axle Weight Pads: These portable weighing scales can measure the weight of vehicles using transmission technology.

The first step for using a shipping container is understanding its dimensions and weight. Shipping containers come with many guidelines and government regulations because of the sheer size and weight. Complying with these rules is extremely important not only for the cargo but also for the safety of everyone involved. By knowing the limits of the shipping container, avoids the risk of overloading them.

There are strict guidelines that have to be adhered to when transporting shipping containers, whether by land or sea. Truck Size and weight limit laws will exist in every state. If the aim is to ship a Conex box overseas, a Verified Gross Mass or VGM of the container must be provided before it can be loaded onto a ship. Safe handling prevents overloaded containers and complies with the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) VGM requirements, which dictate the weight of shipping containers being transported.

All States Containers

Are you in the market for a shipping container? All States Containers has a large selection of shipping containers available. We can supply all specifications, including the shipping container weight for each unit. Contact us at 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for you.

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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Container Working For A Long Time

Shipping containers are used across the globe to transport goods. They can be stacked onto ships, trains, and trucks to get them where they need to go, wherever their destination. Designed to last for years, but more often than not, shipping containers are used once and then set aside because it’s cheaper to discard them than have them returned empty.

Shipping Container Care

This system means that many empty shipping containers are lying around. These containers can be used for storage or converted into portable offices, classrooms, and clinics. Though they are designed to last for years, some simple shipping container care is all that’s needed to help them last even longer.

Rust and Hinges

Essentially a giant steel box, rust is a shipping container’s greatest enemy. Though they won’t rust quickly, they need to be kept free of standing water, and their paint maintained. Hinges and latches are the weak points with paint and should be repainted as required. Also, keep them well lubricated to prevent jams. Steel against steel can easily rust or seize up, so making sure hinges keep moving is essential. When opening containers, the right door is opened first. An eye should be kept on its hinges as they’re likely to show wear before any other of the container’s moving parts.

Level Floor

The bottom of a shipping container can also suffer damage if neglected. Containers rest on their corners, not the bottom, so placing them on a level surface above the ground keeps the container’s bottom dry to prevent rusts and dents. The placement site needs to be level; otherwise, the container might bend or warp due to uneven weight distribution. If multiple containers are stacked on top of each other, the location must be firm enough to support the additional weight preventing sinking into the soil. Grading and the use of concrete or gravel can help.

Extended Life

Shipping container care isn’t extensive or overly involved, and most of the work is keeping them dry. As long as a shipping container is kept free of rust and the hinges mobile, the container can continue to be used in various ways. Just because one’s no longer transporting goods doesn’t mean it can’t be reused for another purpose for a long time.

All States Containers

If your business needs additional storage, shipping containers are a great solution. With regular shipping container care, they can last for many years. All States Containers can meet all your storage and shipping container needs. Call us at 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for you.

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Shipping Containers – A Proven PPE Storage Solution

All State Containers storage containersThe world is still grappling with the widespread disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to keep both health workers and the public safe from the highly infectious respiratory disease, governments, organizations, and healthcare institutions need a steady supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As the demand for these products increases, so does the need for proper storage solutions. One quick solution is to use shipping containers as storage containers.

Why Storage Containers?

Private and public organizations need a lot of storage space that is secure enough to house the critical equipment and be portable and easy to set up. With this in mind, shipping containers have emerged as a proven PPE storage solution.

Here are a few reasons why organizations are modifying shipping containers to store protective clothing, facemasks, and other safety items in their growing inventory to combat the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Portable: Shipping containers are easy to move around, set up at most locations, and relocate when needed. This makes them a perfect storage solution when there’s an overflow of PPEs—even in remote locations.
  • Customizable/Scalable: Shipping containers are arguably one of the most malleable building solutions. For example, an organization can easily modify a shipping container into a climate-controlled PPE storage solution by installing air conditioning and insulation. When demand for the products increases, scaling by bringing in more storage containers is fast and easy.
  • Durable: Containers are made from Corten steel, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and years of sea travel. This robust construction translates into a PPE storage solution that is both durable and secure.
  • Affordable/Available: There are millions of out-of-service shipping containers worldwide. Repurposing them—rather than constructing a conventional building—to store PPE is cheaper and better for the environment, making it a no-brainer for functional and budgetary reasons.

Protect Protective Equipment Storage

As PPE storage becomes more critical and space fills, look no further than a shipping container. It offers a reliable solution for essential services such as health & social care, vital public services, food & necessary goods, education, national security, fire departments, government services, and utility workers looking to store their PPE stock as demand increases. They are highly customizable to meet different needs and very strong.

All States Containers

Is your business searching for an affordable way to solve a storage problem? Reach out to All States Containers at 704-802-7700 for more on how we can help solve your PPE storage container problems with modified shipping containers.

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How To Stack Shipping Containers Safely

Allstates Containers shipping containersShipping containers are designed to be moved quickly and fit securely on top of one another. Most can be stacked up to nine containers high as the containers’ corners are reinforced to distribute the weight evenly. This method ensures that all containers stay in place and do not buckle while stacked.

Though shipping containers are relatively easy and safe to stack, there are still many precautions that you must take while stacking. Safety should always be the top priority.

Safely Stacking Shipping Containers

Ensuring that the construction site is prepared correctly is always an essential first step to providing a safe and easy stacking process. Service techs should manage the stacking of the containers. A crane is often used to place and secure the containers correctly.

Cranes operated by an experienced operator are typically the safest option when stacking containers. Straps are placed at each corner of the container, and they are securely lifted and placed in the intended position. On other occasions, a forklift may be used to help stack the containers. Any forklift used in the stacking of containers must be rated to suitably hold the containers’ weight, and as with the crane, they must be operated by an experienced operator. Forklifts are more commonly used when the containers are not stacked more than three high, or they have to be moved frequently.

Securing the Shipping Containers

When constructing the multi-level container structure, it is required to anchor the base of the structure. This requirement ensures that the system is strong and secure. Once the bottom level is stable, the rest of the containers can be stacked. It’s at this point when a locking system becomes especially helpful. Connecting the structure from the ground up ensures structural integrity.

Final Steps To Take When Securing Containers

Once the containers have been locked together, any crew working inside the containers will know they are working in a safe structure. Depending on how the containers will be used, sealing them may be the next step. Doing this is simple; it requires caulking the seams. The caulk ensures that no water enters the container and provides additional strength to the structure.

After the caulking is adequately finished, flashing and a roof cap can be added to the container structure to deflect rainwater and snow. Once these steps have been completed in stacking and securing the structure, any further construction can be completed.

AllStates Containers

Do you need a storage container? Or extra office space? Allstates Containers can help you plan and deliver the shipping containers you need. Call us at 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for your business.

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How Does Allstates Transport Shipping Containers?

There are plenty of shipping container vendors where one can purchase a container for personal or commercial purposes. Many container retailers do not transport, but here at Allstates Containers, we handle all arrangements in-house. This service gives you the best possible price. There are several options available for transporting shipping containers. Here are possible transportation options depending on the circumstances.

Modes of Transport

Tiltbed Truck

One method is transporting shipping containers by truck. The type of truck used is determined by several factors, such as the container’s size and how accessible its destination. For distances of less than 200 miles, it is recommended to use a tilt bed truck. With this type of truck, the truck’s bed tilts at an angle and allows the shipping cart to slide off easily. This delivery system makes it easier for the driver to arrive on-site and deposit the container on the ground without additional heavy equipment. One thing to note is that tilt bed trucks require a large amount of room to access the area where the container is to be deposited. The ground also needs to be level, dry, and firm.

Flatbed Truck

Another option is a flatbed truck, which would be used to move your container more than 200 miles. Tilt bed trucks are costlier to operate per mile, so flatbeds tend to be more cost-effective. The flatbed truck will require a crane or a forklift to lift the shipping container off the truck’s back because it does not tilt and has a fixed bed with no surrounding walls.

Step-Deck Truck

For transporting a high-cube container with a taller wall, step-deck trucks are required. This vehicle also has a fixed platform, but it is lower to the ground to accommodate a taller load. Like a flatbed, this type of truck also requires a crane or forklift to unload the container.


If you are near rail lines, a train is another option. Additional logistics must be considered, though. Rail transport is expensive, and you also need to arrange transport to and from the train. Because of logistics, this solution is seldom used.


Shipping containers were first intended to be used on ocean going ships. Like trains, additional logistical concerns may make this a non-feasible option.

Allstates Containers

No matter the circumstances, we’ll recommend the best way for transporting shipping container and deliver to the desired site. For more information, contact Allstates Containers at 704-802-7700.

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Incredible Uses For Reefer Containers

Shipping containers come in all sorts of sizes and varieties. Most shipping containers are just big steel boxes storing stacks of other boxes. Specialty containers serve a specific purpose. Reefer containers, though, help keep food fresh and prevent perishables from rotting. Reefer containers help get most of our food transported across countries and between continents. From dairy products to fresh produce to meats, reefer containers help keep our food in ideal conditions. A combination of air ventilation and temperature control helps achieve this effect. Still, reefer containers are not only used to transport foods. These types of shipping containers are used for many other purposes by businesses. Here are some other uses of reefer containers.

How Businesses Can Use Reefer Containers

Storing and Moving Medicines

In the past, it was difficult to get medications and medical supplies transported. With the creation of reefer containers, modern medicines are transported to any location in the world. Ventilation and temperature control make this possible.

Transport and Maintain Movie Props

Big-budget studios and production companies can also use reefer containers, especially if they want to store and move expensive movie props. A lot of money goes into entertainment projects like movies. When a film is shot in harsh conditions, reefer containers can be useful for transportation and storage purposes.


Like food, flowers require certain conditions to stay healthy and fresh. The environment of a reefer container can be used to store flowers and move them across the world.


Wine has to be in the right atmosphere to ferment correctly and age well. Reefer containers make wine storage and transport much more convenient. The temperature of a shipping container is especially important with this beverage.

Military Operations

Lastly, the final incredible use for reefer containers involves military use. Reefer containers can be used for military purposes. When shipping food, supplies, medicine, and other essentials, these containers are the best option. They are durable and can be brought into extreme weather conditions.

Contact Allstates Containers

If you are looking for a high-quality reefer container, call Allstates Containers today. We offer some of the best reefer containers on the market for a great price. Our containers can be modified and tailored to your specifications as well. Get in contact with us by calling 704-802-7700.

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The Longevity Of Shipping Containers

Perhaps one of the most versatile and sturdy structures that benefit businesses are shipping containers. Need more storage? Need more office space? Need a portable shop? A shipping container can work for you. They are an investment that needs to be chosen carefully.

Shipping Container Lifespan

Knowing what makes shipping containers so durable will convince you that they are worth investigating. They are very durable, but not indestructible. Here are a few reasons why a shipping container has a long lifespan.

Materials Constructed From

The containers that have the highest durability are made of steel. Steel provides the container the strength it needs to hold anything. It also gives it the sturdiness so that you have a solid structure on your hands that can be utilized in various ways. The steel adds extra years to a shipping container.

Construction Process

The way the container is constructed contributes to how long it will last. There are many processes during the building stage, such as cutting, welding, priming, painting, and coating. Every step affects the durability. This process is crucial to getting a container that lasts more than an average lifespan. The containers that last the longest are ones that are rust-proofed.
Confirm that your container is rust-proofed before you purchase it. This way, you will be able to use it for many years.


A shipping container that holds more weight will have a shorter lifespan because added weight means added wear and tear. Apart from that, the weight also affects how well it travels from one place to another. So balancing the capacity and weight of the container is essential for it to have a long lifespan.


When considering purchasing containers for business use, there will be other factors that determine its longevity. Those factors include: how it is used, the original condition (if buying a previously used one), placement, maintenance, and movement (is it frequently moved from site to site?).

These are the top influences that affect the longevity of any container. Before you invest in one, be sure to check all these factors.

Contact AllStates Containers

If you are looking for a customized steel shipping container in Charlotte, NC, please contact AllStates Containers. We will be more than happy to assist you and answer any queries regarding our shipping containers. Call 704-802-7700.

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How The Long Lifespan Of A Container Is Good For Business

As the world is changing, the landscape of business is changing too. There is extreme competition, and every business wants to stay ahead. One unique way to stay ahead is to meet the supply chain process’s needs by investing in a durable storage container.

Storage Containers

A few things that storage containers can help a business with are:

  • Relocations
  • Protecting important objects during harsh weather conditions
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Fulfilling the needs of supply chain
  • Serving as a storage unit

Being ready for any hardship a business might face keeps the company ahead of the reaction curve. Here are the many ways a durable storage container can serve any industry.


A storage container can easily be moved. A business can store essential objects in the container and move them from one place to another. This way, any business can quickly expand and relocate wherever needed. Such portability makes it extremely convenient for companies that frequently move, such as construction.

Can Be Used More Than Once

Such containers are incredibly versatile. A business can order them for one set purpose, but they can also make use of it in different ways. They are so durable that companies can use them again and again for decades, and they will still be as strong. If a business wants to get their money’s worth when it comes to storage needs, then a container is ideal.

Expand Anywhere

The world has never previously seen such mobility. Technology has made everything easy, and businesses can relocate or expand with the blink of an eye. If there is one thing that makes this process extraordinarily streamlined and convenient, then it is a storage container. Businesses can utilize it as additional inventory storage or a new temporary office for employees. This way, if they need to relocate and expand, they don’t have to worry about building additional space. The container covers it all.

Contact Allstates Containers

In the long run, a storage container is exceptionally beneficial to any business that wants to keep changing and moving. Of course, for that, a high-quality container that is extremely durable is needed. Well, look no further. Check out Allstates Containers and choose the best for your business. Call 704-802-7700 for more information.

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How To Prepare For A New Shipping Container

If you are looking for shipping containers in Gastonia NC, Allstate Container offers a wide range of viable business solutions—from storage units and workshops to on-site offices. Repurposing used containers promises customizability, quick modification, portability, durability, security, and affordable structures.

But just like any other structure, it’s crucial to prepare the site for the delivery of a new shipping container. This preparation allows businesses to put the container to work faster—while saving valuable time. Here are a few tips to help you prepare a site for a shipping container.

Preparing a Site for a New Shipping Container

Allstates Container shipping containers GastoniaPreparation starts with understanding the risks involved and devising plans to mitigate them. Common problems associated with a poorly prepared site include the sinking of the container, flooding, and damaged doors/hinges.

Check the Accessibility of the Site

How will the container get to the site? Is there enough space for a truck? Although a crane can help drop the shipping container in an inaccessible location, it’s an extra expense. Also, ensure the specific drop point is sufficient to accommodate a 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

Pay Attention to the Condition of the Ground

The general rule of thumb is to place a shipping container on level, dry land. Whether it’s a parking lot or bare earth, the ground should have less than a two-degree grade. Concrete or gravel pads may also help reduce the risk of a shipping container shifting to an unlevel position. It’s essential to check for any applicable codes/permits with the local jurisdiction before setting up a structure.

Prepare for Plumbing Connections

storage container rolldown door 1Confirm the availability and accessibility of septic/sewer lines around the drop site—and schedule an appointment with a plumber. Water and sewer lines should be connected by a licensed plumber to ensure safety and health standards are met.

Prepare for Electrical Connections

Reach out to the container manufacturer and request information regarding the amperage and number of exterior disconnect panels that are compatible with the container. Contact a licensed local electrician and agree on the pricing and scheduling of a connection. Please note that construction projects—including plumbing and electrical—are often regulated by codes, and you may need to confirm the need for a permit from the local jurisdiction.

The great thing about a shipping container structure is that it is ready to use once it is placed. Move in the furniture, file cabinets, tables, chairs – whatever is needed, and you are set to go.

Container placement is an important consideration to make before the delivery of a shipping container. For more information on preparing your site for a shipping and storage container, contact Allstate Containers at 704-802-7700.

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Why You Want a One-Trip Shipping Container

For the best results, personal items or business-related cargo should be shipped with one-time shipping containers. One-time shipping containers are brand new containers that have only been shipped once after manufacturing. They don’t have blemishes, dents, or ware. In short, they are a buyer’s best option.

Some people might be tempted to buy a used shipping container, or rent a container. This option may seem like a cost-effective option at first. However, the cost saving may not be worth it. Many benefits come along with the purchase of a one-time shipping container.

Save Money

It’s true, buying a new shipping container costs a substantial amount of money. Still, this is a one-time payment. When renting a container, buyers will have to make at least 18 months’ worth of payments to break even. And getting a used container isn’t much better.

Money for patch-ups and upgrades might be needed for a container to be up to shipping standards. It’s much more cost-effective to make a one-time purchase on a container. The quality is unbeatable, and there is much less hassle involved.

Recoup Your Investment

With a rental or older shipping container, less money can be recouped. Rental containers are shipped back to the company that owns them and all the rent paid is down the drain. An older, used container isn’t likely to be bought by anyone. There is a market for new or slightly used shipping containers. The better the condition, the higher chance of resale. You won’t make back all your money, but you can get a reasonable portion.


There is a broad range of shipping containers to choose from when purchasing one brand new. Rentals and older models are more limited in options. With new containers, buyers can also get higher quality products made of better material.

Customized Modifications

New shipping containers can be used and modified to a buyer’s specifications. Rental containers do not provide this luxury. Anything can be done to one-trip containers from a unique paint job to a security boost.
Allstates Containers

Anyone looking for high-grade shipping containers should contact Allstates Containers. Our company has high quality one-trip containers. We can help you find a product that is perfect for your needs.
Allstates Containers is based in the Charlotte area, but we have shipping container in Gastonia, Concord, and many other cities near central North Carolina. Call 704-802-7700 for more information.

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