What Kind of Steel is Used for Shipping Containers?

All States Containers conex boxes for sale in GreensboroSteel is a popular material for shipping containers. It is solid and durable, which makes it perfect for transporting goods all over the world. But what kind of steel is used to make shipping containers? This blog post will explore the steel types used to create these containers. We will also discuss the benefits of each type of steel and how it can be used to improve shipping times and reduce costs.

Shipping Containers Made with Corten Steel

Shipping containers are commonly made with Corten steel, a type known for its high resistance to weathering. This makes it an ideal material for shipping containers, as they need to be able to withstand the elements during transport. Corten steel is also less likely to corrode than other types of steel, making it a good choice for containers used if the container is exposed to salt water.

Benefits of Using Corten Steel in Shipping Container

There are several reasons why using Corten steel in shipping containers can be beneficial.

Extremely strong and durable: Corten steel is several times stronger than mild steel and three times more resistant to weathering. As a result, this material is ideal for shipping container architecture, which often has to withstand harsh conditions. Its high durability also means low maintenance and can often be left unpainted, saving time and money.

Highly resistant to corrosion: Corten steel is highly resistant to corrosion. Its corrosion resistance also requires less maintenance than other materials, such as carbon steel.

Keep goods secure: Corten steel shipping containers are often used to transport goods that need to be protected from external elements. Their high corrosion and weather resistance means they can keep contents safe from the elements, even in extreme conditions.

Other strong metals are also used in the manufacturing of shipping containers; however, the primary metal is always Corten Steel. Shipping containers made from aluminum aren’t generally used for shipping cargo.

Why Should You Buy/Rent Steel Shipping Containers?

You might want to buy or rent steel shipping containers for many reasons. Perhaps you need extra storage space for your business. Or maybe you’re looking for a secure, weather-proof option to store your belongings while you travel. Whatever the reason, steel shipping containers offer a variety of benefits that make them an attractive storage solution. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying or renting steel shipping containers:

  • Durable. Steel shipping containers are built to withstand the rigors of international shipping. That means they’re solid and stable. As a result, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe and secure inside a steel shipping container.
  • Weather-proof. Steel shipping containers are designed to protect your belongings from the elements. A steel shipping container will keep your belongings dry and safe whether you’re concerned about rain, snow, or wind.
  • Secure. Steel shipping containers have locking mechanisms that make them difficult to break into. That means your belongings will be safe from theft or vandalism.
  • Portable. Steel shipping containers can be transported via truck, train, or ship. That makes them a convenient storage solution if you need to move your belongings from one location to another.
  • Reusable. When you’re done using a steel shipping container, you can easily resell it or rent it to someone else. That makes them a sustainable storage solution that can be used repeatedly.

What Happens if Low-Quality Steel is Used?

If low-quality steel is used in the manufacturing of shipping containers, it is more likely that the containers will rust and corrode. This deterioration can lead to severe problems, such as leaks, which can damage the contents of the container. In extreme cases, the container may even collapse. Therefore, it is essential to use high-quality steel when manufacturing shipping containers.

All States Containers

All States Containers offer high-quality steel shipping containers, storage containers, and Conex boxes for sale in Greensboro NC. Their units are wind and watertight with lockable double cargo doors. A wide variety of sizes and types are available to meet your needs. So, if you are in the market for a shipping container or storage container in Greensboro NC, All States Containers is the place to go. Contact us at 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for you.

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3 Reasons Why Shipping Containers Are Great for Storage

All States Containers Shipping Container ModificationShipping containers are perfect for transportation purposes, as the name might suggest. However, with slight modifications, they can also be used for workspace, housing, retail space, commercial kitchens, and even medical clinics. But one area in which using modified shipping containers excel – storage. With all the stuff that people tend to accumulate over time, they can be a great way to store things that take up space in a home or business. This article will cover three reasons why shipping containers are great for storage.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Storage

Unparalleled Convenience

As far as storage goes, there’s no more convenient option than a shipping container. You might wonder why this is, as a regular old storage unit may seem to work just as well.

First, shipping containers can be purchased. In general, storage units are rented. Usually, there is a single proprietor of a building that houses multiple storage units. This arrangement is a problem for people who wish to own the space they’re storing their things. When one purchases the storage container, the owner can choose where it is located and what happens to it – without having to pay a monthly fee that continues forever.

Next, shipping containers are mobile while storage units are not. Mobility is especially beneficial in some circumstances. For example, if you’d like to ship the stored items across the country, you could do that without transferring your things to a truck and then transferring them again at the destination. Instead, the container can be moved intact with all your items stored inside. Shipping containers are specially designed to handle the transportation of goods, meaning your things stored inside will stay secure. You won’t have to worry about damage.

Climate Control

The second reason to use a shipping container for storage is that these containers can be equipped with climate control systems. Having climate control means you’ll easily keep your things dry and free of moisture, mold, or other contaminants while they’re stored inside. The same cannot be said about rental storage units, which may promise a climate-controlled environment, but there may be no way to check this before you store your things there. You could very well end up returning to find your stored items covered in mold, as the air inside the unit was too moist and not controlled in any way.

Many shipping containers are designed to maintain a specific set climate in their interiors. This is because they were intended for shipping sensitive goods, like food or medicine, that require particular conditions to stay fresh and viable. This system is excellent for keeping things dry and in good condition while stored.

Customizable Sizes and Shapes

Lastly, shipping container modification is the ultimate storage option because any container can be customized to your needs. For example, if you need a particular layout for your storage, you can have it designed and installed exactly how you want. With standard storage units, you won’t be able to customize any layout permanently and will have to settle on the as-is design.

You can also get special storage equipment installed beforehand in shipping containers. For example, if you’re storing things that need to be hung up on racks, you can have racks installed to meet your exact needs. You can have shelves, bins, counters, etc., installed to keep everything neat and organized.

Additionally, you can select the size you need for your storage purposes. Instead of finding that your storage space is too small or that half of the unit is unused because it’s too big, you can choose a custom size to fit your specific requirements. You won’t have to settle for someone else’s predetermined storage conditions, unit shape, or size because you can choose all these customizations before making your purchase.

All States Containers

So, if you’ve decided you need a custom shipping container for all your storage needs, you will want to contact All States Containers. As shipping container professionals with a ton of experience and a proven track record of quality and professionalism, we’ll be able to handle all your needs for any storage project. We offer many different kinds of shipping containers, all with different sizes, shapes, and customizable features. The most common shipping container models are either 20-foot or 40-foot containers, giving customers several options. Contact us today at 704-802-7700. We’d love to help you.

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Steps to Designing a Custom Container

All States Containers shipping container for sale Charlotte NCPeople need to ship all sorts of things that are of different shapes and sizes. This is why sometimes, the only shipping solution that may work is to have a custom container designed to fit your specific needs. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how you can design your very own custom container.

Determine Your Goal

The first step in designing your custom container is to figure out what you need. Containers can be used for various shipping needs and purposes, so it’s important to know what you need them to accomplish. Let’s take a look at some possible shipping goals now.

Shipping Medicine

Shipping containers for medicines has become increasingly popular in recent years, primarily due to COVID-19 but also because countries that could not afford medicine now can.

Pharmaceutical companies require large shipping containers that maintain a set temperature while ensuring the contents do not shift during the shipping process. Outfitting part or all of a container with a refrigeration system will achieve the goal, but there are restrictions on the distance that such a container can be shipped.

Film Industry

The film industry also frequently uses custom-designed containers, especially when sets or props must be flown in for a new movie. Such containers may store and transport large movie props and even entire pieces of movie sets, which need to be available at a moment’s notice for filming. In addition, bins, shelving, and counters can be installed so the container can be used as a workshop on a remote location film set.


Perishables such as flowers or wine may need special shipping containers to stay fresh during transport. This is because these products are fragile and require particular conditions to stay fresh. Again, this has to do with temperature control throughout the transporting of the container. A custom shipping container can help keep the products in perfect condition when arriving at their destination.

Military Equipment

Military equipment is another product requiring special transport conditions for items such as fragile or touchy artillery that could go off if mishandled. Also, unusually shaped equipment in a way that would make it difficult to transport without a specialized container. Custom fitting the shipping container with framing or harnessing will keep the equipment from shifting and possible damage during transport.

Choose Your Design

After determining what you need in a specialized container, it’s time to start planning your design. Here are a few design considerations before you take your plan to a custom container professional.

The first element is functionality. Is your container going to be used for transport and shipping only? Are there any secondary functions that the container needs to be able to handle, such as storing or environmental stabilization? As mentioned earlier, some fragile products may need to be kept in specialized conditions during shipping, such as at a specific temperature or humidity level. Custom containers can be designed with these requirements in mind.

Next, you can start thinking about the actual structure and design of the container. First, choose a basic floor plan, keeping the number of rooms or compartments needed, living areas as required, storage capacity, and more. A professional can help you in this area if you’re unsure of what you need for the floor plan.

Finally, you should establish a budget for your container. Shipping containers can become quite pricey when customized, especially if you need special accommodations such as climate control or living space. For example, if the shipping container is used as an office or housing at its destination, it may need bathrooms and seating.

Because many custom containers are permanent installments, you may also want to consider location. If you’re ordering a container as a storage, office space, or living area, you’ll want to ensure you pick the correct location. Find a property that has level ground and solid soil that will be able to support the weight of the container and its contents.

All States Containers

For such a technical process, you will need the help of custom container specialists. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise to design a specialized container and may not even be able to plan the design without input from a professional. The professionals at All States Containers are more than capable of handling all your custom container needs. They offer a wide range of services tailored to designing custom containers to fit your needs and preferences while working to keep the project within the limitations of your budget. Stellar service at an affordable price is what the professionals at All States Containers do best. If you are searching for a shipping container for sale in Charlotte, NC area, check out our website or call 704-802-7700 and see what we can do for you.


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How Much Do Shipping Containers Cost and What to Look for When Buying

All States Containers shipping container for sale in Charlotte NCShipping containers can be found across the globe, and it isn’t hard to understand why that is the case. These relatively simple steel boxes revolutionized international commerce, transporting goods in bulk safely and reliably. There are thus a lot of containers in a lot of places. In addition, shipping containers are versatile and capable of being modified to suit needs beyond just commercial shipping. As a result, they are often purchased for various uses. Finding them is relatively easy, but knowing the costs involved and ensuring the container is suitable for the job also needs to be considered, whether shipping containers for sale in Charlotte, NC, or elsewhere.

The Cost of Shipping Containers

The costs of a shipping container can vary wildly, as numerous factors are often involved. For example, the location of the container, its size, and its condition all affect cost. The condition will be an essential factor to consider, mainly depending on the container’s intended use. Containers can be purchased new, used, or rented instead of bought. Used containers will likely have some wear and might be damaged depending on their condition, though this is usually not the case for safety reasons. New containers will naturally be more expensive than used.

Minor damage to used containers is possible, though, and while they may be cheaper to buy, potential repair costs should be considered. The same goes for location and likely transport costs. Containers are often left at ports and docks because it’s usually cheaper than shipping them back somewhere. Those looking to buy containers can find good deals at ports but may need to move the container somewhere. Conversely, closer containers might be costlier but will require less transport investment.

The Size

The size of the container also matters. Generally, containers come in twenty-foot and forty-foot sizes. Of course, other dimensions do exist, but those are the two used most for international and domestic shipping, so they will be the easiest to find and, as a result, the cheapest to obtain.

The Condition

When a container is found for a reasonable price, ensuring the condition is essential, especially in the case of used containers, damaged or otherwise. Though they might look like giant steel boxes, that doesn’t mean containers don’t have issues with time and wear.

The biggest concerns are rust, warped metal, or damage to the doors and hinges. Mold is also a concern on the inside. Though containers are painted to prevent rust, it can still happen if the paint wears or chips away. Rust damage can be repaired, but it’s another cost that needs to be considered. The same is true for hinge wear or warping. The hinges can seize up if rust and wear take their toll, and distortion can happen from improper container storage.

Fortunately, all the potential issues a container may face are pretty easy to notice. A twist in the metal is easy to spot, as is rust, worn paint, or damaged hinges. Fresh or touched-up paint is a good sign that the container is well cared for, as is easy to open doors. The inside should be dry and free of rust, mold, or mildew – all signs of excessive moisture. These issues are more likely with a container with an HVAC system, but any container left to sit for a while can have problems. When buying used, make sure to look for such damage. A few dents and dings are expected and tend not to be a concern, but a hole in the ceiling from rust is not so easily ignored.

Uses for Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have a lot of uses, which is one reason they are so highly desired for cheap. Since there are a lot of them, finding containers at a reasonable price isn’t too hard. The trick is to know where to go to get a good deal. Saving money by purchasing used can help a lot, though there are other concerns with used containers to consider. The container needs to be in good condition and free of severe damage; otherwise, it will need to be repaired, and if that isn’t feasible, there’s no point in buying the container.

Additional Costs

Such potential additional costs need to be remembered when buying containers. They need to be sent somewhere, after all, and possibly modified and repaired. Since the container is usually affordable, these additional costs are sometimes forgotten. Do not let that be the case. Buying containers may be inexpensive, but repairs, transport, or modifications can quickly wreck a budget. Ensure to carefully inspect and investigate the container and all possible costs involved before committing to purchase.

All States Containers

Are you looking to buy a shipping container? All States Containers can help. We carry a large inventory of containers and are ready to meet your needs. So, if you are interested in a shipping container for sale in Charlotte, NC, call us at 704-802-7700.

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What to Look for When Buying a Shipping Container

All States Containers shipping container for sale in North CarolinaAre you one of the thousands of people looking to purchase a shipping container? In the last few years, tons of businesses, homeowners, and property managers have begun buying up shipping containers for multiple reasons. Many people have used shipping containers as house-building material to add a guest house or a peaceful workspace on their property—only the lack of creativity limits how businesses and property owners can use these containers.

Shipping containers have become so popular because they are incredibly sturdy, come in multiple sizes, and have a wide range of prices. However, before you go off and buy any shipping container, you need to understand the different sizes and conditions of shipping containers. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started looking for a shipping container for sale in North Carolina.

Standard Sizes

When it comes to shipping containers, there are typically two widely available sizes: 20 feet and 40 feet. These two sizes are the most common sizes used for transporting goods across the globe, so most of the shipping containers you see on the market will be one of these sizes. While 20 feet and 40 feet shipping containers offer buyers a lot of flexibility, there are other sizes available: 10 feet, 40 feet high (a high container has a 9.5′ height – a foot taller than the standard 8.5′ height), 45 feet. However, these sizes are more challenging to find and often carry a hefty price tag.


Another major factor in the cost of shipping containers is where you live or where you want the container delivered. Since shipping containers are used for transporting products, they can get anywhere with a truck, but it can be costly the farther away from a waterway the final destination is. Those living near a port city will find better deals on shipping containers and a wider variety. However, for buyers that live far from the ocean or a major city, the options will decrease, and the transport fees can skyrocket.

Quality & Condition

Shipping containers can be sold to the general public. Many shipping containers get sold because they have been damaged and are no longer used for transporting goods. These shipping containers are generally safe to own. Most shipping containers that are slightly damaged are only sold due to safety regulations, even if the damage is minimal. Regardless, there are plenty of high-quality shipping containers that aren’t damaged for sale. While high-quality shipping containers sensibly go for a higher price, it is rare for people to purchase brand-new shipping containers.

Color & Appearance

The color and appearance of the shipping container can also affect the price and let buyers know the actual quality of the shipping container. Since most shipping containers that are sold have already been used, a fresh coat of paint can be deceiving. No matter how nice a shipping container might look, it’s best to check the entire container for any damage that may have been covered up. On the bright side, a well-painted shipping container should be able to handle the elements. On the other hand, shipping containers with faded paint are more likely to rust, harming the structural integrity of the shipping container altogether.


When buying a shipping container, you want to know how well it can handle the elements before customizing it to your needs. For example, if the container needs to be watertight, have that tested before purchasing. One easy way to check this is to get inside the shipping container and close the doors. If you see any light shining through the walls of the container – it’s not watertight. Also, check the rubber seals around the doors if any seals are missing or dried and cracked – the container is not weatherproof.

Consider Its Intended Use

Having a clear understanding of what the shipping container will be used for is likely the most crucial factor when buying a shipping container. In addition, since shipping containers are cumbersome, they usually take heavy machinery to put into the right place. This situation can be incredibly taxing on the property owners since large cranes, and other vehicles may be needed to put the shipping container in the desired location. Plan this out before making the purchase.

Further, due to the weight of the shipping containers, businesses and property owners alike will need to consider the surrounding infrastructure. Putting a shipping container directly on the ground can lead to structural problems down the line. Therefore, depending on the property and size of the container, you may need structural support such as concrete pillars to place a shipping container on your property.

Buy or Rent Today

Whether you’re looking for some short-term storage or an easy way to enhance your property, buying or renting a shipping container is an easy process. Shipping containers are great for homeowners and businesses since they quickly add tons of usable space and can be shipped almost anywhere.

All States Containers

Do you or your business have a use for a shipping container? All States Containers can help. We carry a large inventory of shipping containers and modified containers. When looking for a shipping container for sale in North Carolina, check us out. Reach out to our team today by calling 704-802-7700.

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All States Containers shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NCShipping containers are an essential component of international shipping. They are generally cheap, easy to fill, easy to load, and easy to transport over land and sea. They are also extremely durable since their designed for long-distance travel under harsh conditions such as the open ocean. While this makes them vital for transporting goods across the globe, they have plenty of other uses as well. Their uniform, simple design makes them easy to modify, and the fact that they’re so cheap means it’s often less expensive for companies to buy more rather than transport them empty. So there tends to be a lot of them lying around, which makes shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC, or anywhere accessible. So easy, in fact, they can often be purchased pre-modified in a variety of ways.

Construction Site Uses

Construction sites are a great example of such numerous and variable modifications for different needs. There are several ways shipping containers can be used to benefit construction locations.


The most obvious use is probably storage since a sitting container is basically a giant metal box. Containers already have pretty hefty steel doors, so when used for onsite storage, they can be improved with heavy locks and other security measures, making them even more secure against potential theft. Some equipment is just too heavy to move from a site and too expensive or sensitive to be left in the open. A securely locked container is basically a giant safe.


Along with safe, secure, and reliable storage, containers are easy to modify for mobile use as offices and work areas. Having an onsite office is essential for construction and using an old shipping container for the job is easy. Generally, such containers can be purchased or rented pre-modified, though modification is relatively easy to do if needed. For example, adding a door and some windows, along with proper ventilation and the like, into a steel box is pretty easy so that they can be found pre-modified and ready for immediate use.

Medical Station

Another good use for shipping containers on location is modified for use as a first aid station. Accidents happen and having an actual building to help tend to the injured is better than using the back of someone’s truck or the onsite office. Shipping containers are often modified as mobile medical stations, so finding one pre-modified for this function is not difficult. Smaller containers tend to be used for this, so they take up less space and are even easier to mobilize.

Employee Breakroom

When it comes to long-term construction, especially in remote locations, it can be challenging for workers to enjoy their time off, brief as it may be in some instances. Larger containers, when suitably modified, can be turned into local canteens or recreation rooms for workers. This allows employees to enjoy their breaks better and keep up morale. Such an asset easily pays for itself quickly in remote and longer jobs.

Restrooms & Showers

Smaller containers cannot only be used as a first-aid station but also restrooms or shower stalls. Such modifications aren’t as well known as others but can be done and offer more comfort and variability than a portable toilet.


As for long-term, remote jobs, sometimes the workers commuting to the job site isn’t as feasible as city work. Containers modified as temporary barracks or housing are an excellent idea for these jobs. After all, they’re about the same size as a mobile home, making them great for temporary situations like a long construction job.

Shipping containers are easy to modify, durable, and reliable. Their hefty steel is designed to withstand harsh weather and water conditions. With some locks and similar protections, they can be ideal location storage. As for use as offices or the like, HVAC systems, windows, and doors can be added as needed. From that point, it’s a simple matter to add the required furniture and equipment, depending on the building desired for various needs.

Though it might seem like many buildings onsite, it makes sense to have an office, a first aid station, and a breakroom for remote and longer jobs. But, of course, every job is different, so needs will be different. Whatever those needs are, there is a modified shipping container for the job or a shipping container that can be modified to suit the buyer’s needs.

While shipping containers have a lot of uses, the variety of uses just on construction sites makes them ideal for such work. Having storage, showers, a first aid station, an office, and even a barracks on location anywhere quickly, cheaply, and reliably will make for easier construction work, happier workers, and lower costs overall to complete the job.

All States Containers

Do you have a use for a modified shipping container? All States Containers can help. We have new and modified shipping containers for sale in Charlotte NC. Come by and see what we can do for you. Contact 704-802-7700 for more information.

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Why Purchase a Shipping Container?

All States Containers shipping containerOver the past few decades, the number of uses for storage containers has exploded, as has their overall popularity. Naturally, storage is what they do best.

A shipping container isn’t always the right storage solution for everyone, but if you need one, it will serve you well for a very long time to come. Shipping containers are relatively affordable when you consider the price of long-term storage container rental, which isn’t even on your property where you can access it at will.

The Uses of Shipping Containers are Endless

A shipping container is your answer to all of your storage needs. They are large enough to easily hold even the most enormous or most awkwardly shaped objects.

One of our favorite uses is a garage – shipping containers are great for storing vehicles! Beyond that, you could use it as a personal workshop and lock up your tools tight and securely. Or, you can use it to store some of your extra things. The size gives you plenty of space to get things organized and look how you want.

You could also consider these other uses for shipping containers:

Packing up for a move: We move for all kinds of different reasons, from downsizing, upgrading, or just getting away! The most stressful part of moving is keeping track of all your belongings. Sure, you can rent a unit from a storage facility, but do you want to have to drive somewhere every time you take a load of stuff and then have to move it yet again to your new home? That’s just a waste of time and gas when you could use a shipping container. You can pack all of your stuff up and have the container transported to your new property so it’ll meet you there with all of your stuff safe and sound.

Storing tools or anything you need handy: It’s straightforward to add shelving and wall storage for all of your tools. Maybe you work from home running your own business, and you need more space to put your products and store outgoing shipments temporarily. Perhaps you love working on your car or motorcycle and need room to stretch out with your tools. Maybe you enjoy 3D printing and need more table space for all your devices. Whatever the case, a shipping container can give you that space while keeping all of your stuff safe.

Refrigerated Containers: If you have perishable goods or prefer climate-controlled storage, that’s an option! Commonly called “reefer containers,” refrigerated shipping containers are available.

Jobsite Storage: At Allstates Containers, we do a lot of business with contractors, home builders, and construction companies of all types. Construction equipment is very pricey. A shipping container is the perfect secure storage option for equipment.

Unmatched Portability

Shipping containers are far more transportable than a storage unit at a facility or a garage/shed on your property.

Remember, Conex containers are designed and fabricated for international shipping. So they can handle your trip wherever you need to go. We can handle all of your shipping container transportation needs. Just be sure that you have a safe place for the container to sit on your property.

Long-Lasting Conex Containers

One key criterion when looking for the perfect storage option is how long you can expect it to last. Why waste your money on something that only has a lifespan of a few years when you need the storage for the long haul? Shipping containers from Allstates Containers are top of the line. They were made to last a lifetime.

A Few Things to Check Before Purchasing a Container

Check the function of the doors – The doors and hinges of any part of the container are among the most likely to suffer damage and long-term issues in a used shipping container. Be it from being hit with another container or equipment, constant opening, closing, whatever else. You should be able to open both doors with minimal effort required. If doors feel extra sticky or hard to open, you may want to look at other options.

Check inside and out for rust spots and general damage – No used shipping container will look quite as nice as a brand new one, but they are so strong that wear and tear tend to happen very slowly. Small areas of surface rust aren’t the biggest deal; this happens after exposure to so much saltwater. But any rust that weakens the overall structure will be a problem. Don’t forget to check out the container’s floor as well; that can rust and wear away just like the rest of it! Ask your expert retailer any questions you have about rust that you spot.

Maximizing the Lifespan of your Container

Make sure your container is sitting on flat, even ground. Resting flat just massively reduces the chance of corrosion from sitting in puddles of water and makes opening & closing your doors far easier. It’s not a bad idea to raise them slightly by putting them on concrete or something strong like a railroad tie.

Clean any dirt & treat rust frequently. Cleaning is easily one of the most critical steps to eliminating the risk of corrosion while greatly extending the lifespan of your Conex container.

Don’t put weight on the roof. It is okay to stack shipping containers. Do not ever stack anything else on the top, though – it could cause sagging if it’s heavy enough. Water could pool on the roof and cause you issues with trusting that you can’t even see!

Replace old work rubber seals. There are not too many parts on a shipping container that aren’t going to be replaceable – but you do want to take the time to inspect and replace moving parts like rubber gaskets and parts of the door. It’s not much, but these little steps go a long way.

Whatever you do, you need to work with the shipping container professionals at Allstates Containers to ensure you are getting the most container for your money. Our biggest goal is your long-term satisfaction. We want this shipping container to serve you well for decades to come! Learn more about shipping container rentals, sales, and shipping container transportation services!

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Container Maintenance and Upkeep

All States Containers container maintenanceShipping containers were designed and are built for the specific purpose of withstanding the harshness of global sea travel atop massive container ships. They also have to withstand winding long journeys on trains and trucks via highways worldwide. They are constructed from solid steel and stainless-steel fittings & joints and floors treated and engineered to prevent rotting. With all that said, mother nature is a beast and can get through anything. If a shipping container sees a lot of use or gets battered, it’s going to need container maintenance done to keep it in excellent condition and ensure the most extended life possible.

Today shipping containers are used across the globe in transit, but they now see more prevalent use in private hands. Be it for extra on-site storage or to make transporting equipment in a secure container easier.

Tips for Ensuring Your Shipping Container has the Longest Lifespan Possible

Please do your best to keep them well maintained. Look out for potential trouble spots and have them checked out. Be careful loading and unloading cargo; this is where a lot of damage happens to the interior of shipping containers. Never overload the weight limit of your shipping container. It may seem like a huge number, but it adds up quickly with heavy stuff. An overweight load can damage the structural integrity of any shipping container and make it unusable. Best practices do exist for a reason. Please do your best to ensure you follow them to keep yourself and your container safe. Here are our six best tips, broken down.

Container Inspection Tip 1: Regularly Check the Roof

You may not be able to see the roof of your container, but you need to make sure somehow you are inspecting that regularly. Many experts would agree it’s the more critical part of your container. Unfortunately, containers are designated second-hand containers on the market due to slight roof damage and deeming them no longer seaworthy. Dents and bumps are common, considering how shipping containers are stacked on top of one another. The problem with deep scrapes and dents is that they allow rainwater to pool, causing rust and corrosion! We all know those two are the worst enemies of metal. That’s the last thing you want to have happen to your container.

Container Tip 2: Remove and Treat Suspected Rust Areas

So many shipping container retailers you see out there will flat out suggest that Cor-Ten steel, the material they are made from, is 100% rust-resistant. So yes, it is better than traditional steel, but it is no longer fully corrosion-proof at some point. So, any area that has been scratched or dented must be sealed and painted carefully to ensure they are rust-proof. This will significantly extend the lifespan of your container.

Container Tip 3: Keep Your Doors Running Smoothly

The only moving parts in a shipping container involve the door. As you could guess, anything with moving parts is more susceptible to being damaged/broken or being worn out over time. If you take care of nothing else, take the time to keep your door parts clean and lubricated. Shipping containers pick up lots of dirt and grit, get a brush or something and do your best to clean out the door hinges and the locking bars on the container. You may need strong cleaners to get it all. Then lubricate everything well with a quality lubricating spray like WD-40 on all hinges. Grease any other areas that see hefty use or need that extra bit of lubrication. Many people have no idea that shipping containers have gaskets along the doors to create a completely sealed environment. These door gaskets do only have a lifespan of somewhere around ten years. Eventually, they will not work, and you no longer have that safe sealed environment. When these get worn out pretty quickly, you can tell that they will crack or show other damage signs.

Container Tip 4: Check Sealing at Altered Location

Shipping container modifications are fantastic, but you need to carefully check any part of your container where the outer metal was altered (i.e., windows, doors). It needs to be sealed tight to avoid corrosion from water and dirt. Look for areas that may cause liquids to pool or collect extra amounts of debris. Rust can be easily removed, and the area can be treated with anti-corrosive paints.

Container Tip 5: Shipping Containers MUST be Placed on a Level Surface

One of the most simple but essential things you can do for the future of your shipping container and its well-being is to install it on a level surface. It’s also critical that the surface drains well; you don’t want to see what happens when your container sits in standing water. Likewise, you don’t want to have water collecting anywhere on or near your container.

Container Tip 6: Pay Close Attention to Electronics

This tip will mainly pertain to things like “reefer” containers – a shipping container with a built-in refrigerated unit attached. Doing regular maintenance cuts down on downtimes and the cost of significant emergency repairs. Being proactive with things like this is going to serve you well.

Go to the Container Repair and Maintenance Professionals When You Need To

Is your shipping container still in good shape but starting to show its age in some sport? Well, All States Containers are here to help you and ensure your shipping container gets the care and attention that it needs.
We employ a team of qualified container maintenance experts like welders and engineers to help you save money and prevent future downtime. We will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met. We are more than happy to lend our opinion and expertise if you aren’t sure what you need in a container or have any questions at all.

All States Containers

A quality shipping container could be a game-changer for any person or company. Contact All States Containers today at 704-802-7700 to handle all your container needs.

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Shipping Container Storage – What Makes Them the #1 Option, and What Do You Need to Look for?

Allstates Containers shipping container storageDecent storage is something that so many businesses and operations need quick and affordable access to. So many people’s storage needs adapt with time as well, so you don’t particularly want to lock yourself into a lease or contract if you may not end up needing all that storage long-term. There are so many storage options out there today, from buildings full of storage units for rent to sheds and extra warehouse-type buildings on your property. But you have not even ever heard of the best option before. Sometimes, shipping containers, referred to as Conex containers, are easily one of the best portable storage options you can have!

Used Shipping Containers are a Great Storage Option

Let’s talk about shipping containers for a minute. You’re likely at least somewhat familiar with what they look like, maybe even how they function to a certain degree. These shipping containers are built to the highest standards, designed to withstand the harshest elements and conditions that the world and open seas have to throw at them. Of course, you always need to do your research and closely inspect anything you buy that has been previously used. Still, you can rest assured that all of the containers we receive at Allstates Containers have NOT taken many international trips (if any), and we inspect all of them in great detail. We will not put a Conex container on our property that we feel isn’t up to our high standards. We offer both brand new, single-use, and used shipping containers for sale and rental. We aren’t here to gouge you and get every penny we can out of you; we want to ensure everyone that needs safe portable storage has that option at a reasonable price.

Finding shipping containers for sale is simple. However, finding QUALITY shipping containers being sold by a reputable retailer is where it gets tricky. What you see is what you get with a shipping container, so in this article, we want to go over a few of the most important things for you to keep an eye out for when buying a shipping container.

Parts of Your Conex Container to Check

Check the function of the doors – The doors and hinges of any part of the container are among the most likely to suffer damage and long-term issues in a used shipping container. Be it from being hit with another container or equipment, constant opening and closing, whatever else. You should be able to open both doors with minimal effort required. If doors feel extra sticky or hard to open, you may want to look at other options.

Check inside and out for rust spots and general damage – No used shipping container will look quite as nice as a brand new one, but they are so strong that wear and tear tend to happen very slowly. Small areas of surface rust aren’t the biggest deal; this is to be expected after exposure to so much saltwater. But any rust that weakens the overall structure will be a problem. Don’t forget to check out the container’s floor as well; that can rust and weaken just like the rest of it! Ask your expert retailer any questions you have about rust that you spot.

Comparing Shipping Containers to More Common Storage Like Sheds

There’s no shortage of outdoor storage options available to you, but they are NOT all made the same. Shipping containers and your average backyard shed are among the most popular and make a great comparison. Everyone has specific needs, and different things may work better for you, but for those on the fence, this can help you make the right choice. A 40′ shipping container will give the average person more storage space than they could ever really use.

Consider the Overall Cost/Your Budget

For many, the cost is the most critical factor. Of course, both have more expensive and cheap options, making it even more challenging to decide. So, your traditional storage shed will arrive on-site already constructed, though some companies still bring it out in pieces and assemble it on site. On the other hand, shipping containers are always fully assembled and can be customized as much as you may want in the future. Used sheds are a huge liability. On the other hand, used shipping containers make up most of the market for being a great combination of price and strength.

Security and Protection

When securing your belongings and assets, you can never really be too safe. Sheds offer decent protection; they lock up tight enough to keep many casual thieves out and have the strength to protect from most weather elements. But if someone wants to enter, they can bust down a wall or something. You essentially need to cut a hole in it with a welder to gain unauthorized access with a shipping container. They are constructed with Corten steel, specially designed for strength and longevity.

Durability is Critical

When it comes to the long-term durability and serving you well for a lifetime, you will find no option better than a shipping container. They are designed for longevity. A strong storm could blow over your shed with no warning, but a shipping container can stand firm through essentially anything.

Keep your Stuff Pest and Rodent Free

Sometimes, regardless of how hard you work to lock your stuff up, rodents and bugs are almost always going to be able to get into your shed. Generally, this isn’t an issue unless you store something perishable or organic, then it can become a disaster.

For a long time, rats/rodents on ships were the main vectors of global disease transmission, and since then, a lot of time and energy has been put into fixing that situation. These containers are welded expertly and sealed entirely from the outside world.

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is just how much storage do you or your business need? When it comes to storing awkwardly sized or overly tall items, you can’t beat shipping container storage. Your average 20′ shipping container is 8 feet tall total, giving you much more usable storage space.

Shipping Containers were Designed to be Transported

Shipping containers were designed to be easy to transport, whether on a massive container ship or the back of a truck. Want to move your container somewhere else? We’ll come to load it on the back of a truck and be on our way. It’s that simple! Learn more about shipping container transportation.

So, if you’re in the market for additional storage for your home or business, you’ve likely been able to come to the same conclusion as we have through your research. Shipping containers are essentially all-around the best strong, long-term portable storage option on the market. Contact us today to learn more about our shipping containers! We offer Conex containers for rent as well as Conex containers for sale. Learn more about our container customization needs as well.

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Global Container Shortage – Conex Containers for Sale Greensboro

All States Container conex boxes for sale in GreensboroCovid-19 was a “black swan” event in the international shipping industry and has caused issues never before seen in the supply chain. Already, this unforeseen disruption in global trade has caused delays and led to the current surge in freight rates. As the effects of the pandemic continue to trickle down the supply chain, the shortage of shipping containers worldwide is fast becoming a new norm. Hopefully, things will change for the better shortly. In the meantime, there are Conex boxes for sale in Greensboro NC, at All States Containers.

The Challenge In Brief

Most of the shipping containers available today, especially in the U.S., are manufactured in China. And because it was easier and cost-effective for freight shippers to bring in new shipping containers (loaded with cargo) from China, they were unlikely to ship empty containers to China after use.

This imbalance in trade volume has existed for quite some time, especially before the pandemic. It was the reason for the enormous amount of empty shipping containers in North America.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the demands on transpacific trade lanes have skyrocketed. More so, since Conex containers are in short supply, the rates on international container shipping have massively increased.

At All States Containers, we believe this is the real problem behind the present freight delay. Luckily, there are still Conex boxes for sale in Greensboro. And they might be the go-to solution at this time.

The “Black Swan” Event- What Does This Mean?

First things first: The term “Black swan” seems to be the latest buzzword in the international trade zone. Ideally, the term refers to an unpredictable event that has grave consequences. However, the extremely rare events like what is happening in the trans-pacific trade zone perfectly compliment the phrase.

How Did We Get Here?

The Coronavirus outbreak started in China, causing many blank sailings (i.e., sailings that the carrier has canceled) that resulted in containers being stranded in China. It’s the primary reason for the short supply of containers in the U.S and several other countries. Currently, freight shippers are dealing with these significant factors:

  • Delays in cargo unloading in China
  • Enormous pressures on the global supply chain
  • Locating empty containers to fill
  • Delays on return trips of ships that sailed to China
  • Mandatory quarantine on incoming ships (up to 14 days as seen in the U.S.)

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the reasons causing the surge in freight rates. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to tell what the future holds.

All States Containers

Are you searching for a Conex container for shipping or other use? All States Containers can help. We carry a large inventory of containers. Need modifications? We can do that, too. Give us a call at 704-802-7700.

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