What to Look for in a Used Shipping Container

More and more companies are looking for economical ways to acquire additional storage without having to construct another building or lock themselves into a long term lease.  So what are the alternatives?  Shipping containers can be the answer.
Shipping containers are designed and constructed to withstand the worst climate conditions.  They can take it all whether they are on the deck of a transoceanic ship or sitting in a parking lot.  They can be rented or purchased so the cost can fit any budget.  If buying a shipping container is your choice, there are two options: buying new or used.  Be cautious when buying used – they can a great bargain, but be sure you spend your money wisely.
Finding a shipping container for sale today isn’t hard, but choosing the right one is an uphill task.  What you see is what you get. An in-person inspection is highly recommended because everything is there for you to view and decide for yourself.
The first things to consider is the size of the shipping container.  The size of the shipping container should match its use. Otherwise, you might purchase a small one that is exhausted quickly or a huge one that is usable but oversized for its purposes.
Here are other features to check out:
Check the Doors. Doors and hinges are the first to get damaged from being bumped by other shipping containers and the frequent opening and closing. Open the doors all the way and close them again. If there are difficulties or one of the doors isn’t opening, then there’s a problem.
Check the Interior and Exterior for Rust Spots. No used shipping container is perfect. However, it doesn’t mean that the shipping container has to be severely damaged. Check the inside and outside of the container and check for large dents. These eventually turn into large rust spots.  Surface rust is fine, but deep rust is a future problem.
Flooring.  The floor is equally important as some containers might have been poorly stored, damaging the flooring. Look for any trouble spots on the floor and check for rust spots. These end up becoming the trouble spots.
Containers are manufactured tough. They are exposed to harsh weather conditions during shipping, and they withstand. One trip shipping containers are in the best shape. They don’t have as many dents, and they aren’t very rusty. It’s going to be hard to find a used shipping container with zero rust. These containers are used at sea and exposed to salt water, which is corrosive. Choosing a container that is in better shape is all that matters. Surface rust is typical and won’t be problematic, but if the container has extensive rust spots or holes, choose a better one.
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How Are Shipping Containers As An Outdoor Storage Option?

Shipping containers can be purchased to assist anyone that needs additional space to store their household goods. These containers are built to protect assets from extreme weather conditions and against damage from insects and rodents. Best of all, the shipping containers are an affordable option to store valuable personal items securely.

Shipping Containers That Are Built to Last

Shipping containers were originally created with the idea of minimizing damage to globally shipped goods. These containers are constructed with heavy-duty steel that is resistant to corrosion. The container doors are built with heavy-duty door seals and marine plywood flooring. The container’s construction prevents extreme weather conditions from ruining property inside the unit.

The containers were designed for shipping goods across long distances through severe conditions. These conditions include extremely hot or cold weather encountered when the container is on top of a ship in an ocean environment. Shipping containers are equipped to prevent goods from being ruined.. These containers are an inexpensive option to increase the amount of storage space needed for personal or commercial use. Using these containers are a less expensive option than building another garage or building.

Containers Seal Out Living Things

Insects, rodents, and other living things are capable of ruining stored items. Tiny bugs can destroy items such as furniture and beds. Rodents can eat through the electrical wiring of costly devices and tools. To prevent living things from spoiling or damaging valuable possessions, an airtight container is a great option. Garages, sheds, and off-site rental storage units cannot protect goods against damage as well as a shipping container. Shipping containers do a better job of sealing off the harsh weather along with hungry living things that are looking to destroy undisturbed items.

Affordable Storage

Homeowners find it difficult to store valuable items in a home over time. Over time, a household will acquire many useful assets without enough room to store them. Instead of building a new garage or shed, one should consider a shipping container. The cost of building a new garage or shed runs in the tens of thousands of dollars. The cost of a shipping container is considerably less and is much better at securing valuable goods. Better yet, these storage containers fit conveniently in open space.

Shipping containers are durable and suitable for inexpensive storage on a homeowner’s property or job worksite. There is no other better option than to purchase a shipping container that is meant to prevent the damage and spoilage of goods in a continually changing weather environment. These containers are effective at sealing out elements of weather and living things that could spoil or ruin valuable possessions. Best of all, the containers are a cheaper option compared to other forms of storage. Different types of storage do not perform as well as the containers.

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How Can a Storage Container Increase Job Site Security?

Allstates Containers shipping containerFor quite a while, storage containers have been transferred from the long trips at sea shipping goods around the world to staying inland and being converted into offices and homes. They are sturdy, with plenty of space, and are very secure. It can be used as a second garage for a car or as a separate workstation at a construction site. Job sites are often targeted by thieves looking to find money or valuable goods. A storage container can ensure all valuables are secure.

These containers feature doors that are designed to remain shut tight and are extremely difficult to get into if adequately locked. Thieves cannot get inside to rummage through everything and cannot break through a window if there isn’t any. When the workday is done, worksites need to collect equipment and tools and place them in the container to stop any risk of a theft. A portable storage container is as secure as a safe holding money and gold in a bank.

Besides being stable under terrible weather conditions and not wearing out, storage containers have two reasons to why thieves cannot penetrate inside. First, as mentioned earlier, they were built for shipping goods, meaning they’re built tough to withstand all weather conditions that batter them. Second, they are made with various locking systems to secure the storage space is airtight. Just by the appearance of it, no one really can get in without the key – physical strength cannot open the doors.

Some of these locking systems include bolt locks, cylinder locks, and solid padlocks. They can hold up against break-in tools like bolt-cutters, hammers, and pliers. They can be reinforced with latches and steel lockboxes, a security system for the physical security system and makes it even more impossible for anyone to open. It becomes a highly valuable asset in securing the job site from any possible damage or financial loss.

Having security against theft on the job site is essential. Security cameras are a no-brainer to have, but they can only do so much in protecting things, whereas a storage container is made to hold everything. It is advisable to get a storage container to protect the belongings of the job site, so there is no disruption in business due to lost equipment.

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Site Preparation For Your Shipping Container

Allstates container shipping containerPreparing a site for a shipping container to be delivered will ensure there are no problems once the container is in place. This planning needs to be careful and thorough. The location where the container will sit needs to be decided based on several factors.

One factor is the sun and shading. By assessing the position of the sun on the site at various times of the day and during different seasons, the perfect spot can be determined. The trees and bushes nearby have to be considered as they will have a significant impact. If the container is used as a workshop or office, shades above doors and windows can help control the interior temperature.

Drainage is the next important factor. Placing the container near a pond or stream increases the chances of flooding. Also, low spots on the land may lead to ponding in case of a torrential downpour. Ponding can cause erosion and undermining the ground beneath the structure. Evaluating the property ahead of time will allow proper drainage to be installed before any problems arise.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a site is; everything will be in vain if it is difficult to access the container. There should be a road or cleared land for the truck to deliver the container. The distance of the placement site from the main road has to be considered including the presence of any steep slopes, low spots which need to be crossed or natural obstacles in the way. The delivery company may want to come and survey the scene, so there are not any problems on delivery day. 

If the container site is part of a more significant construction site, then the placement will have to consider some other factors. There will need to be space for construction equipment to maneuver around the container. Any large cranes or equipment brought in on trailers will need even more room. In these cases, it is better to have broad, flat roads with gentle turns without a lot of mud and water on them. A secondary construction roadway may need to be built.

Shipping containers are great to use as temporary offices or storage. A little planning before placement is crucial for accessibility, security, and protection of contents. 

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Shipping Containers as Office Buildings?

The Case for Conex Containers as Offices

The shipping container has revolutionized how cargo is transported, and now because of high transportation costs, importers choose to buy new ones rather than re-using the slightly-used units they already have, creating an over-surplus of containers sitting idly by. It just so happens that these steel boxes provide the perfect solution for anyone looking to build affordable an affordable mobile office because, with a few modifications and lick of paint, they can be transformed into a comfortable, functioning ground-level offices. Shipping container modification are hot right now, and they are being used to build anything from art, fashion pop-ups, free pop-up clinics,  restaurants, and even as homes for the poor at times. The number of potential uses is massive, if not endless.

Tons of Sizes and Configurations to Choose From

Shipping containers come in the most common sizes including 8′, 10′, 20′ and 40′, which leave a lot of room for creativity in terms of configuration and on-site placement. There are also high cube containers that are 9ft 6in tall and 8ft 6in wide, making them 1ft taller and 6ft wider than standard height containers. The size you need really just depends on you, most people don’t need anything much bigger than your standard 20′ container at the end of the day. We can talk with you individually about what we think may best fit your needs, contact us anytime!

Shipping containers provide the most affordable and convenient ground-level office space solution for construction sites, mining operations, and other temporary work sites. Even if your actual office floods one day and you need a workspace just for a few days, we’ve got you covered. They can be placed just about anywhere with a level surface, and it’s already recommended to actually not set it directly on the ground and brace it with something to keep it even, so with that we can get the container to sit right in most places. A wooden trailer, for example, will not be able to sit on anything but a completely flat surface unless you want it to twist and risk breaking.

A Better Office

Among the many reasons why people build with shipping containers are affordability, mobility, customizability, and strength to name the most popular. They make a good sturdy construction base, they are relatively inexpensive, and require little maintenance to stay in good shape. Another great thing about these offices is that these containers could be sitting in a field rusting away after just one use while they’re still in great shape, or we can turn them into truly amazing things.

The interior of the container is really yours to decide what to do with. You’ll probably want A/C if you do plan on spending any time on-site working in your portable office. You could add in shelving or other storage means for your crew to put things like food, clothes, work materials, anything really. A lot of people who use our office containers like to put in chairs and other seating so workers can come in out of the heat and take a break! Whatever your needs are and whether you’re looking to rent or buy a portable office we’ve got you covered. Contact us and check out our portable office page for more info!

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Help Your Container Last a Lifetime

How to Properly Maintain Your Shipping Container So It Can Last You A Lifetime

Shipping containers are naturally built to handle extreme temperatures and conditions like those of the open sea. Although, this does not mean they are indestructible and with time they will of course weaken, but it’ll be a slow process for sure. We of course reccomend that you take actions to slow down the degredation that comes with time, if you do your container will be useful for a much longer time. Even when loading them, you need to be mindful of your spacing and weight distribution.

The big things we can reccomend right off the bat are following International best practices when loading the shipping containers. Avoid overloading shipping containers to keep from damaging the containers’ structural integrity. Using the right methods to load shipping containers to keep them from being damaged on the inside. Keep a watchful eye over your container in general, look for any rust, damaged spots, anything at all out of the ordinary.

Do Not Put Anything Heavy on the Container’s Roof

Yes most often when you see containers they’re stacked up, so you assume they have strong roofs. But empty containers are light, relatively speaking, so they’re not putting much pressure on the actual top of the container. The corners of shipping containers are very strong, which enables them to be stacked but the middle part of the container roof is very weak. You should not stack anything on this part of the shipping container even if you feel like you need the space. Putting additional weight to the weak area of the roof makes it even weaker and opens the container up to damage and moisture potentially.

Ensure Your Container is Clean

Proper container maintenance includes cleaning out dirt and dust when you can. This also reduces the risk of your container breaking down any faster. This does not mean thoroughly scrubbing down the shipping container every time you’re near it. Just get rid of any loose buildup and keep things fairly clean, you don’t want to put your stuff inside a dirty container do you?

Lubricating the Hinges

The hinges of a storage container can become hard to deal with due to stiffness and this might lead you to start forcing the hinge just to get the door open. This can lead to damage to the hinges. Once you lubricate the hinges of your storage container, you reduce the risk of damage significantly. It also makes it easier to open the container doors and makes it easier to move. This is as simple as a good squirt of WD-40 every few months max for most cases.

Store Shipping Containers on Level Ground

This is one of the most important things to consider for proper shipping container care. You should always keep your shipping container on level ground. If you do not have anywhere to keep your storage container, look into getting a part of your yard leveled. If you are looking for somewhere to keep it, you may have to hire or buy somewhere to store your shipping container. A level base for your shipping container helps to prevent the formation of puddles under the container resulting in corrosion and bending due to weight of the container itself. It also helps to ensure the container doors can close and open without any hindrances.

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Let’s Compare Sheds and Shipping Containers

Storage Shed vs Shipping Container

Outdoor storage options vary greatly but two of the most popular and commonly found ones are storage sheds and shipping containers. If you’re stuck trying to decide what you need, go ahead and give this a read and it should help you decide. Everyone is different and has slightly different needs and we can appreciate that, but as you’ll find out that’s just another reason conex containers reign supreme.


It’s important that we break down costs, that’s what really matters to a lot of people in the end. A storage shed is going to come one of two ways, pre-built or assembled on location if you get a nice one. On the other hand, a container comes as is, and can be further customized at any time. They’re both going to cost you a few thousand each, and often times a nice built shed will be a few hundred more than even a new container.

Security & Security

When it comes to your security needs, it’s always good to at least have a baseline level of security. Now they are certainly both secure in their own right, but in the end, one does stand apart. A storage shed is going to lock up tight enough to keep most out, but in reality, if someone really wants to get in they can just bust through the walls. A shipping container is not going to have this issue, and with all of its secure locking mechanism, almost nobody is going to be able to get in unless you want them to. Constructed with corten steel, you’d need some serious power tools to even think about getting through.


There is almost no comparison when it comes to durability. Yes, a storage shed can stand for quite a long time, but one good windstorm could take it down in an instant. A storage container is just not susceptible to weather nearly as much, it’s going to be protected from the elements and stand the test of time.

Keep rodents and bugs away

Regardless of how tightly you seal it up, bugs and maybe even rodents ARE going to find a way to get into your shed. A nice warm box is just all too inviting to most bugs out there. This isn’t a huge deal but can become a headache if you keep bird feed or anything in there. Now shipping containers are specifically meant for transport over long distances. One thing that used to plague the seas in the past was rodents infesting ships. Conex containers are sealed so well, you really don’t have to worry at all about this.

Storage space

Now the question of storage space is questionable because you can buy a larger container or construct a large home shed as you wish. A storage container is going to have a height advantage as they’re 8 feet tall and your average shed is maybe 6′ 6″. This means you’ll be able to store more awkwardly shaped things and never worry about hitting your head.

In the end, it all comes down to your specific needs and wants. A storage shed likely is going to be more appealing visually than a metal container, but in the end, the extra strength and functionality is superior to most. If you decide that a shipping container is for you, you need to come check out Contractors Use Storage ContainersAll States Containers! We have a great selection and can help you get exactly what you want.

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